A control panel is quite literally where the operator and the remote system meet. It is the place where the human hand interacts with the machine. Also called, Human Machine Interface - HMI, control panels had to be abstracted to fit on a two-dimensional representation of a system. This layer of abstraction requires an adaptation time if not a full training of the operator. In some cases, for large offshore installations, the operator will learnt how cover the mismatch between the 2D representation of the installation & the real physical layout of the plant.

To reduce that mismatch and also remove this abstraction layer, EATOPS has decided to make use 3D SCADA technology in the layout of its control panels. In other words, RIVOPS consoles combine traditional 2D SCADA with 3D overviews of the offshore installation. These 3D overview panels make use of a dynamic 3D visualization of the plant to allocate alarms and malfunctions on a physical representation of the plant process logic.


The emergence of 3D SCADA came along with the standardisation of process data interfaces (OPC UA) between the Process Logic running on the PLC and the HMI displays. 3D SCADA software are compatible with SIemens, B&R Automation, ABB, Wago Automation, and CodeSys-based PLCs.


Remote control panels are made more intuitive. No additional interpretation is required for the operator to visualize where the alarm is located. Despite other 3D SCADA providers, EATOPS ensures to maintain the right balance between 3D and 2D abstracted panels which in some cases remain the most efficient mean to relate to an occurring scenario.


  • SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • HMI: Human-Machine Interface
 Example of a Fire & Gas detection panel using a 3D SCADA approach.

Example of a Fire & Gas detection panel using a 3D SCADA approach.