EATOPS Control Room

Our product, the RIVOPS console is a unique combination of software & hardware ergonomics. Before implementing a new process & control console for a customer, our experts evaluate the complexity of your installation to determine the appropriate console layout. The software logic is implemented from the Cause & Effect diagrams.

Our approach is to improve the awareness of the operator by an intuitive presentation of the alarms. We have developed over the years an alarm presentation technology named RIVOPS. This alarm overview panel is deployed over the alarm server, Distributed Control System (DCS) or Process & logic computer (PLC).

Compliance with the NORSOK I-001, I-002, ISA 18.2 and EEMUA standards is used to during the definition of your control centre. Our scenario recognition algorithm runs on Siemens , Codesys -based PLCs such as Wago, Berghof Automation and Motorola Solutions devices.

Our vision

Large offshore oil & gas installations are becoming more complex to monitor with the increasing amount of automation data. Each sensor installed on-board is a potential source of warning for the operator. We believe that the best of software and hardware technology will make the difference in a critical scenario. Our vision is that relationships between alarms should be abstracted and presented to the operators using an Overview Panel. Remote Intuitive Visual Operations, RIVOPS, is a step forward for offshore installations dealing with large amount of alarms. The fault scenario recognition module runs at the PLC level. It intercepts the alarms, recognizes the alarm groups and presents the message to the operator on a 3D overview panel. 

Who we are>>

EATOPS is an engineering firm specialized in the development of control systems & control centres. Its initials stand for Ergonomics Applied to Operations.

The company commercializes the RIVOPS technology through its network of distributors. For the past 12 years, EATOPS has delivered projects in Norway, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria & Italy.

Each project is given full attention and resources from our team comprised of automation engineers, operation layout designers,  and critical scenario experts.

As soon as we commence business, our customers receive the support of a dedicated team working on the definition and implementation of their control room. In most cases, work is performed on location and in cooperation with the future operators. We will follow the project until the end of the commissioning phase. After acceptance of the project, we remain available 'on-call' for maintenance or troubleshooting operations. From the initial kick-off meeting until the post-delivery activities, we listen to our customers and continuously implement their comments into our work. You have our dedication.

EATOPS is established as a limited risk company in France, the Netherlands and Norway.

Bringing costs down, automatic code generation

EATOPS makes use of automatic code generation to facilitate the PLC/HMI integration. We reduce the programming time by scripting the PLC+HMI code generation. Let us talk to you about your total cost of ownership using an AutoGen system, you will like it!

Watch our video on AUTOGEN.

ESA Publication about RIVOPS solution

ESA Publication about RIVOPS solution