EATOPS is an engineering firm specialized in the development of control centres. 

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Its initials stand for Ergonomics Applied to Operations. The company commercializes the RIVOPS & AUTOGEN technologies through its network of distributors. For the past 10 years, EATOPS has delivered projects across Europe. Each project is given full attention and resources from a specialized team comprised of automation engineers, programmers and ergonomics experts.

Our engineers are dedicated to their project, they travel worldwide, they remain available on-call 24/7 during the integration & after the completion. As soon as you give us a call, we will perform a remote troubleshooting of your installation and mobilize an expert to travel to your plant location.

Our staff is holding the necessary safety training & medical checks to operate in the North Sea Sector including offshore vessels in Norway, the United Kingdom & the Netherlands.

EATOPS is established as Limited Risk company in France, the Netherlands & Norway.


A distributed team

EATOPS is very much a 2018-agile-company. Inspired by the International Space Station project, its founders invested in an IT-infrastructure that could support adding system specialists to the team during the course of a project. Our team is specialized at using a communication link to take control over a remote computer. We work from different time-zones and very often support our staff beyond the polar circle when traveling to Norwegian offshore installations. Remote VPN access, secured video channel and virtualization are part of our everyday. We maintain a strong team cohesion throughout the dedication that we put in our work. Welcome on board!

EATOPS Control Room, Noordwjk, The Netherlands.

EATOPS Control Room, Noordwjk, The Netherlands.