Management team -- New office

Come and visit us within our new office space! 
To celebrate its 5th console sale, EATOPS is moving to a new building. Our new location is equiped with a satellite ground segment, a 3-seat RIVOPS control room, a working open-space, a meeting room, a server room & a cafeteria! 
This decision is in line with our business development strategy: strengthen our relationship with the European Space Agency and a keep a close proximity with our launching customers. EATOPS will maintain its research & development activities with Ecole Centrale Paris with a live access to offshore rig data. 

An innovative cluster 
The decision was taken together with five SMEs who also graduated from the ESA Buisiness Incubation Initiative. EATOPS will maintain its business collaborations with the cluster in the field of Mobile Satellite Communication, Geolocalisation indoor/outdoor, Radar Imagery acquisition, Small Satellite Data Acquisition.

New Address:
EATOPS Control Center
Huygensstraat 44
NL-2201 DK Noordwijk
The Netherlands