Sales -- Memory leak troubleshooting

EATOPS is given the assignment to troubleshoot a memory leak in a control system deployed on onboard an oil tanker in operations in the Netherlands. The leak was identified and resorbed using two different methods: (1) injecting a watchdog inside the code functions as well as (2) dichotomy. The control system was virtualized in order to avoid interrupting operations.

EATOPS would like to thank the SchneiderElectric CitectSCADA 7.40 team in Sydney for their remote iterative testings as well as their availability during week-ends & early day shifts. This project is a good example of cross-collaboration between Schneider Electric and one of its system integrators.


Automatic generation of your OPC communication tables is just one click away. AutoGenforOPC is a script written in Python which parses your IO-list and automatically generates your OPC sever configuration files. It saves you of a day of work, without mistakes! 

AutoGen is compatible with Siemens Step7, Automation Studio 4.2, CodeSys, & RIVOPS. OPC EATOPS products are compliant with OPC stacks v1.3.1340.

Milestone -- Unified Architecture - OPC UA

RIVOPS supports OPC UA (unified architecture, OPC Stack 1.3.340) for both DataAccess (DA) and AlarmEvent (AE). The new standard is compliant with the ISA 18.2 requirements on dynamic alarm arouping, alarm acknowledgment, display of advisory messages and alarm shelving mecanisms. EATOPS develops its expertise in using the standard to anticipate the growing demand related to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things.