How to display safety critical information without overwhelming the operators?

At the age of digitalization, software automation engineers have a stronger responsibility to NOT implement front-ends that are overwhelming for the operators. "An alarm message can be seen as a short telegram sent to the operator to inform him of a fault".

Such a message should be - as compact - as visual - as clear - as intelligent - as possible. RIVOPS is an alarm page for the control room. It shall grasp the attention of the operator for just a few seconds (<3s) and send its telegram message across the HMI displays of the control room. RIVOPS is nothing else than a smart OPC Alarm Client, it renders a dynamic representation for each fault scenario. That image is computed in real-time for any given alarm list. It contains an alarm banner compliant with the #OPCUA, #EMUA191, ISA 18.2 specifications. For those who believe that showing an image tells more than a hundred words, follow that link.


EATOPS builds control rooms equipped with an Alarm Summary overlaying Alarm Banners on the top of a 3D representation of the plant. The RIVOPS technology is able to display an OPC Alarm Message from an automatic-fault-scenario function running on the PLC. (compatible with #Siemens 400, 1200 and 1500 series).

Sales -- Memory leak troubleshooting

EATOPS is given the assignment to troubleshoot a memory leak in a control system deployed on onboard an oil tanker in operations in the Netherlands. The leak was identified and resorbed using two different methods: (1) injecting a watchdog inside the code functions as well as (2) dichotomy. The control system was virtualized in order to avoid interrupting operations.

EATOPS would like to thank the SchneiderElectric CitectSCADA 7.40 team in Sydney for their remote iterative testings as well as their availability during week-ends & early day shifts. This project is a good example of cross-collaboration between Schneider Electric and one of its system integrators.