Smart use of scripting languages


Whereas the Industry is facing a digitalisation of its plants, EATOPS makes use of scripting languages to produce a robust PLC logic and build virtual piplines that control physical parts.

The code is consistent across multiple installations and highly reliable thus produce by a script rather than a human hand which could make mistakes.

AutoGen serves an even broader ambition at embedding articifical intelligence ruling into the PLC code and publishing industrial OPC UA data over the internet (IIOT).

Write code that writes code

Embedded code generation is fundamentally changing the way engineers work. Instead of writing thousands of lines of code by hand, engineers are automatically generating their production code to increase productivity, improve quality, and foster innovation. EATOPS uses an excel definition of the equipment list to automatically generate the source-code of the control panel most time-consuming components.

AutoGen is a product of Ergonomics Applied To OPerationS, EATOPS AS


Automatic generation of your OPC communication tables is just one click away. AutoGenforOPC is a script written in Python which parses your IO-list and automatically generates your OPC sever configuration files. It saves you of a day of work, without mistakes! 

AutoGen is compatible with Siemens Step7, Automation Studio 4.2, CodeSys, & RIVOPS. OPC EATOPS products are compliant with OPC stacks v1.3.1340.