EATOPS Best wishes for 2019!

We live in 2019, a world in which remote operations are accessible even to small businesses. The software technologies that have emerged from the Man-on-the-Moon missions are now broadly used in many industries. During last year, EATOPS delivered it’s first miniROV remote control room, leading us to an ocean of opportunities. We are all very excited to wish you a Happy New Year!

Students building their own satellite

The open-call is valid until March 5th 2017. The European Space Agency will select the best proposals to help those teams of students to lead their own satellite campaign. EATOPS used a similar schem in 2010 (ESA Technology Transfer Programme) to get its 'OPS' tools deployed into a live ground segment environment. For the first time in the product development cycle, our UI/UX designers could test their piece of software against a control room operator.

Such initiatives are to be promoted as they gather teams of professional in their early-days of their engineering career. More projects will naturally emerge from those cross-collaborations and promote the European Space standards (ECSS) sometimes beyond the Space Industry.

The RIVOPS console is a good example. After first being used for the SwissCube Mission and later Triton & TUGSAT-1 mission, the console was eventually deployed onboard an offshore drilling vessel in the North-Sea. The same ECSS-data model is now used to structure the telemetry database of offshore platforms.

The RIVOPS ground segment package (video below) includes the console desk, the mission control system, the ESA-like software EGSE router, its data distribution, the command module, a set of housekeeping monitoring HMIs, the alarm-list, the 3D-overview panel. This software package also includes the suite of configuration tools such as the Spacecraft Mission Information Database (MIB), the spacecraft data model editor. For more information, contact or chat with us at the bottom of this page.



Automatic generation of your OPC communication tables is just one click away. AutoGenforOPC is a script written in Python which parses your IO-list and automatically generates your OPC sever configuration files. It saves you of a day of work, without mistakes! 

AutoGen is compatible with Siemens Step7, Automation Studio 4.2, CodeSys, & RIVOPS. OPC EATOPS products are compliant with OPC stacks v1.3.1340.

Milestone -- Unified Architecture - OPC UA

RIVOPS supports OPC UA (unified architecture, OPC Stack 1.3.340) for both DataAccess (DA) and AlarmEvent (AE). The new standard is compliant with the ISA 18.2 requirements on dynamic alarm arouping, alarm acknowledgment, display of advisory messages and alarm shelving mecanisms. EATOPS develops its expertise in using the standard to anticipate the growing demand related to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things.


Event -- QB50 2nd Workshop

RIVOPS console is deployed at the Von Karman Institute, Brussels. QB50 Cubesat constellation is made of 50 spacecrafts. During the workshop, EATOPS demonstrated a live satellite pass to illustrate the load of information to which the operator is exposed. The concept of multiple-asset monitoring is introduced using the RIVOPS overview panel. Each spacecraft is one click away from the operator stylus driven tablet (in the middle).