Sales -- Control system upgrade for DRILLVIEW -- Aker Solutions A.S.

In response to Statoil TR1494 on Alarm Management, EATOPS is contracted by Aker Solutions A.S. to upgrade its DRILLVIEW control system. The mud control room (PLC+HMI) is equipped with an alarm reduction module. As soon as an alarm scenario is identified, alarms are automatically compacted under an alarm header (also called parent-alarm or alarm group). The drilling package is ISA 18.2 compliant in the sense that it automatically cleans the alarm-list of the nuisance alarm messages. On the other hand, an advisory message is given to the operator suggesting him the way forward. The solution is now part of the production line, ready to be deployed on every new-built vessels. The control system software architecture remains compatible with older semi-submersibles allowing the company to retro upgrade its existing offshore installations.