RIVOPS system definition

The term RIVOPS is the acronym for Remote Intuitive Visual Operations. We used this term as a seal of quality for the control panels that we deliver. A RIVOPS system, is a remote control panel, console or control room that distinguishes itself for its intuitive interactivity with the operator. These control panels make use of diverse technologies among which:

  • 3D SCADA (Exclusively RIVOPS until decent products come along)
  • 2D SCADA (Invensys Wonderware, CitectSCADA)
  • Alarm management software, alarm grouping agents
  • Data historian, IO database (Osisoft PI) 
  • PLC or DCS Software (Siemens S7, Emerson Delta V)
  • Curved-consoles with touch tablets (RIVOPS Cintiq21, PL 24HD, Surface)
  • OPC drivers (Matrikon, Advosol, Unified Automation,)