Fire & Gas detection panel

The main purpose of a smoke, gas or fire detection system is to designate a zone of the offshore installation where to trigger a series of emergency measures such as its electrical isolation and fire fighting procedure. This RIVOPS console includes an overview of the B11 platform. A click in the alarm list automatically displays the corresponding camera overview with the alarm zone. The alarm is highlighted with an advisory message.

24h deployable console

RIVOPS consoles are preconfigured & tested in the factory before their offshore deployment. Both the software & hardware parts of the console are going through a usability & performance test before shipment. An offshore RIVOPS personnel is responsible for the integration of the console on-board the platform. All EATOPS personel sent offshore have a safety qualification from the OLF Norwegian Oil & Gas association.


Fluid Overview Panel

The above control system is developped for an offshore drilling vessel to mix muds of different properties. The derickman circulates the mud from one pit to another to preserve the fluid mechanical properties. The fluid overview panel displays the predefined line-ups to avoid colliding trajectories between the different kinds of muds.

Scenario Recognition Panel

220 different line-ups are pre-defined inside the PLC logic. A deviation from a know scenario is automatically detected to warn the operator of the possible incident. This feature is known as Fault Scenario Detection and can be used in many differnt applications from a list of pre-defined scenarios.


Multi-mission ground segment

This 1-seat operator console is designed to monitor a 50-nanosatellite-constellation. The satellite operator receives an alarm summary of the CubeSat in range of its ground station. The live telemetry is presented over five 24-inch monitors as well as a stylus driven tablet. This spacecraft mission is sponsored by the European Commission FP7 and known as the QB50 project.

RIVOPS Monitoring & Command

RIVOPS is transfering its spacecraft control centre expertise to the Offshore Oil & Gas integrated operations. This video was put together in 2006 when the company participated to the European Space Agency technology transfer initiative.